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Kabale Municipality Development Foundation (KMDF) was created in 2010 by two Entrepreneurs - Ms. Mable Tumuheise and Ms. Phionah Kasule with a major aim of improving social and economic well being of the urban poor. The two Entrepreneurs established KMDF as a small a community-based organization in 2010 with operations in one division of the municipality and later expanded and now KMDF operations are in all the 3 divisions of the Municipality, covering 12 parishes and 72 villages (local communities)




  • Theme of Growing Local Food

    Theme of Growing Local Food

    Sustainable food initiatives that KMDF Supported under the theme of Growing include 1) Urban farm-this initiative involves growing vegetables2) Farmer at home, coach for gardens support the growing fruits and…

  • Theme of Delivering Local Food

    Theme of Delivering Local Food

    Under the theme of delivering, the following sustainable food initiatives were supported by KMDF;1) Bigfarm. This involves livestock, events and farmshop with regional products2) Foodbank. This initiative involves local food…

  • Theme of Enjoying Local Food

    Theme of Enjoying Local Food

    Under the theme of Enjoying, KMDF Supported the following sustainable food initiatives 1) Food event –An outdoor vegetarian bi-annual event where meals are provided for over 500 persons.2) Promotion-Plus- This…

Our Address

Kabale Municipality Development Foundation
Association House
Plot 6 Bwankosya Road, Kabale (Uganda)
P.O Box, 264, Kabale.
Tel: +256-773-444-665
Fax: +25648623201

Bussiness Hour

Our support Hotline is available 24 Hours a day

Monday-Friday: 8am to 5pm

Saturday: 8am to 12pm

Sunday: Closed

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