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Our Recent Works (3)

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Sustainable food initiatives that KMDF Supported under the theme of Growing include
1)    Urban farm-this initiative involves growing vegetables
2)    Farmer at home, coach for gardens support the growing fruits and vegetables for the food bank
3)    Urban farming supports urban farming in wooden boxes around the Municipality
4)    Community Supported Agriculture-The initiative supports Growing of mushrooms on coffee-grounds (circular economy, using leftovers for new products)
5)     Urban farming map. KMDF supports Local Governments-Planning department to develop a road map that shows available urban space for growing initiatives

Under the theme of delivering, the following sustainable food initiatives were supported by KMDF;
1)    Bigfarm. This involves livestock, events and farmshop with regional products
2)    Foodbank. This initiative involves local food distributions from farmer to citizens
3)    Rwakaraba Foodshop. This is a foodshop that is involved in Local food for retail and catering
4)    Goodtimes-  A super Market is involved in  supply of Local food in Kabale Municipality
5)    EasyMove – This initiative involves efficient use of transport, using bicycles to transport food  to Clients (homes, hotels, restaurants and schools
6)    Bwankosya Markethall – a centralized place in the Municipality for local food that is, shortening food supply chain

Under the theme of Enjoying, KMDF Supported the following  sustainable food initiatives
1)    Food event –An  outdoor vegetarian bi-annual event where meals are provided for over 500 persons.
2)    Promotion-Plus- This is an event that is organized two times a year lasting for a week in which restaurants and hotels offers a regional menu.
3)    Mega-Restaurant-A Local restaurant in Kabale Municipality that is focussing on local food, with kitchen garden and educational lessons for children.
4)    Maria Gorretti-Food Education initiative that organizes educational sessions and events for School children on food and environment.
5)     School Kitchen Gardens-KMDF has supported establishment of Kitchen gardens at several schools in Kabale Municipality
6)    GreenAgent- Connects people with green, food, their environment and improves social cohesion by growing food together
7)    Bugongi Farmers Group-uses market as platform for visibility of local urban farming initiatives
8)    Butobere Farm-Organized cooking challenges and workshops. It also focused on economic healthy pop-up kitchen
9)    FeedSchool- Organised more local food markets at schools to enable school children and teachers together enjoy local food.

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