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COVID-19 Community Assistance Fund

On March 18th 2020, the Government of Uganda introduced several measures in addition to the guidelines by WHO to stop the spread of COVID-19. On March 25, 2020, the Government banned public transport and non-food markets. Prior to that on 18th March 2020, it had closed all Schools, institutions, bars and instituted a mandatory quarantine in hotels for Ugandans returning from high risk countries, for which those in quarantine initially had to pay for being in quarantine. The government also closed public court hearings and public transport. On March 30, Government announced several additional measures including a nighttime curfew, banning the use of all privately-owned vehicles, and closing shopping malls and non-food stores.

With most of these measures still in place, People across Kabale Municipality are now contemplating what the long-term impacts will be on their personal lives, their communities and their livelihoods. Now, people in Kabale Municipality especially the urban poor are not only worried of COVID-19 pandemic but also are worried of hunger, loss of jobs and incomes, fear of not accessing  clean water, soap, sanitizers and protective gears to protect themselves and their loved ones against the COVID-19.

KMDF has launched a COVID-19 Community Assistance Fund to mobilize local resources in support of containment, response and recovery activities for those most affected and for the responders. The KMDF COVID-19 Community Assistance Fund will support people  especially those who live at the margins of society including people living in slums, single mothers, women head of households, orphans and vulnerable Children, refugees and prisoners,  people in the informal economy who have lost jobs like street vendors, market vendors, tax and bus drivers, Boda Bodas, shop and bar attendants as well as people with disabilities and those living with HIV & AIDS, people with chronic illnesses like diabetes, cancer, all gender non-conforming and vulnerable people in communities who have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and now lack means of survival  and face structural barriers in accessing essential services, water, soap, sanitizers and protective gears to protect themselves and their loved ones against the COVID-19.

KMDF COVID-19 Community Assistance Fund will mobilize local resources from the Community to support those most affected and working directly to respond to the pandemic. We are encouraging all the people of good heart in Kabale Municipality, the Business Community, corporate bodies like banks and other institutions to contribute resources in support of this Fund.

Your donations to the Fund will be acknowledged on all our platforms

Your donations will support any of the following

  1. Provision of food to the most needy in Kabale Municipality by supporting local food banks to respond to the mounting number of people who are food insecure.
  2. Supporting healthcare and other frontline workers through provision and distribution of masks, gowns, gloves and other personal protective equipment for essential staff, as well as support for the deployment of emergency medical teams where needed.
  3. Supporting people who are in quarantine especially vulnerable individuals by lessening their financial hardships.
  4. Supporting people whose small businesses have been closed through emergency small grants and mentoring programmes. In the long term the Fund will help owners sustain their businesses and to support the economy of vulnerable communities in Kabale Municipality.
  5. Supporting hygiene promotion activities and community-based care like providing hand washing facilities and supplies, safe water resources, hygiene education and related COVID-19 preventive measures in both short and long term. In the long-term, KMDF COVID-19 Community Assistance Fund will  support the construction, equipping and maintaining hand washing stations in schools, markets and other public places; equipping the most vulnerable households with hygiene kits; ensuring proper hand washing and sanitation knowledge reaches children, teachers and community leaders; as well as expediting provision of clean water through emergency water trucking and distribution of safe water storage containers to some of the most vulnerable families in Kabale Municipality
  6. Supporting activists, media workers and Journalists working on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic response with small grants. KMDF COVID-19 Community Assistance Fund will also support activities implemented by community groups working to combat the impacts of COVID-19 pandemic among vulnerable populations in Kabale Municipality like access to information campaigns, broader safety concerns including gender-based violence and police brutality, preserving good governance and accountability, digital gatherings, online advocacy campaigns, COVID-19 awareness campaigns among other activities

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