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Project Overview

Capacity Building for Youth Empowerment and Entrepreneurship Development

KMDF would like to Congratulate Youth and Youth Groups who emerged as winners from the Business Proposal Competition. KMDF also extends its thanks to African Capacity Building Foundation that is funding the “Capacity Building for Youth Empowerment and Entrepreneurship Development Project”

About the Capacity Building for Youth Empowerment and Entrepreneurship Development

Capacity Building for Youth Empowerment and Entrepreneurship Development Project seeks to address the challenge of unemployment among the youth. On a pilot basis, the project will be started in Kabale Municipality and will later be expanded to other districts in order to impact on many youths in the Country.  Through this project, KMDF will empower youth by providing robust support to: address the multiple facets of youth livelihoods that impede their ability to develop diverse viable entrepreneurial skills and employment opportunities; engage as citizens in local and national issues that affect them, and; empower themselves to be positive forces for change in their communities.


The overall goal of the Project is to empower youth to promote their own development and become responsible citizens for peace and prosperity. The overall objective of the Project is to empower youth to enhance their capacity to create and generate revenue through entrepreneurship. This will be accomplished through building the capacity of youth, youth groups and youth-serving organizations to engage with each other, with markets, government, and communities, and pursue their legitimate needs and interests more effectively.

Specific Objectives

This Project has five objectives:  1) To  increase economic prospects for youth through skills development and access to finance to create economically viable microenterprises; self-reliant community-level economic development projects, and; employment opportunities; 2) To  improve youth voice in local, regional, and national policy dialogue through enhanced advocacy capabilities; 3) To  expand youth access to essential services that are more youth-friendly; 4) To  establish new institutional arrangements that can leverage public and private resources through youth-managed organizations; 5) To create a new approach to empower youth through youth-owned, youth-led and youth-managed actions.

Expected results

At the end of Project period, KMDF expects that: 1) A new, successful model of engaging youth as decision-makers and leaders in the development of their communities will have been demonstrated; 2) New livelihood opportunities, largely through self-employment, will have been created that breakthrough market barrier; 3) Youth will have achieved a greater voice and role in governance and civic affairs; and 4) Grassroots-based networks will have been established to serve as a platform for youth to promote their own development

Intended beneficiaries

Educated and unemployed youth aged between 18-35 years from the 12 Parishes of Kabale Municipality. The Project will explicitly leverage the contribution of youth who can serve as role models, mentors and coaches for other youth.

Implementation methodology

Youth will need to apply to participate in the Project. Successful Applicants will be identified and selected to participate in the entrepreneurship training programme. KMDF will then organize a Business proposal Competition for the beneficiaries that received entrepreneurship training and have started an individual or group business. Under the Youth Innovate for Change Programme, KMDF will support winners with financial and technical support to implement business projects. 

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