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Sustainable Food Learning Events

The Sustainable Food Initiative by KMDF can be an example to other Cities because the success of this initiative will inspire other Cities in Uganda and Abroad to adopt the same integrated approaches of making food systems or chains in their Cities more sustainable. KMDF through the Sustainable Food Forum organizes Annual learning events like local food festivals where other Cities both in and outside Uganda will interact with several sustainable Food Initiatives that are being implemented in Kabale Municipality.  For example, with the success of this initiative, other Cities in Uganda and abroad will always be invited to learn and explore all possible ways to grow food near or in the city center including fostering sustainable agricultural growth in urban and peri-urban, the use of derelict lands; safeguarding and improving the fertility of lands; developing new technologies that do not need so much land to grow; encouraging decentralized individual, community and commercial fruit and vegetable gardens & food production; encouraging households and citizen ‘organizations’ to grow food in the city, in gardens, in parks, on public and private green spaces, on rooftops, on balconies.

In addition, other cities through learning events will learn from the initiative how to support and explore ways to distribute, share and procure local food inside their Cities in a more sustainable way (less carbon-intensive delivery systems giving efficient opportunities to local production; enabling direct links between supply and demand for sustainable food; facilitating the transition of existing distribution market actors towards greater sustainability and lower carbon intensity; stimulating the emergence of new ones (e.g. food businesses, retail...) and other local initiatives (e.g. markets, purchasing groups, networks, transparency in food chain among others.

Because of this initiative, other Cities through learning events will learn how to support enterprises that explore how people in the cities can embrace a sustainable, happy, healthy and vibrant food culture in canteens, restaurants, schools, and households.   Other Cities will be able to support and implement initiatives that will increase the demand for sustainable food (e.g. local products, without pesticides, seasonal and fresh products guided by up to date evidence of carbon footprints drawn from life cycle analysis) and encouraging sustainable practices (e.g. food storage, preparation, avoiding waste) supporting changes in perceptions, attitudes, and behaviors of canteens, restaurants, schools and final consumers and by involving urban consumer groups not previously reached or aware and adapting the approaches to their specificities (e.g. low-income households, single-person households, different food cultures, young families lacking cooking skills).  Cities will be support initiatives that will address sustainable canteens and catering, i.e. promoting green procurement to provide healthy menus for school children, employees and citizens eating out. Secondly, education - towards behavioral change will be addressed including training and coaching activity with adults and children to shift daily practices towards healthy and sustainable food.

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