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About KMDF

Kabale Municipality Development Foundation (KMDF) was created in 2010 by two Entrepreneurs-Ms. Mable Tumuheise and Ms. Phionah Kasule with a major aim of improving social and economic well being of the urban poor. The two Entrepreneurs established KMDF as a small a community-based organization in 2010 with operations in one division of the municipality and later expanded and now KMDF operations are in all the 3 divisions of the Municipality, covering 12 parishes and 72 villages (local communities)

In 2015, KMDF was incorporated and registered by the Government of Uganda/ Registrar of Companies under the Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs as a Company Limited by Guarantee and without Share Capital.

Our Vision

The Vision of KMDF is having a peaceful, just, developed and well Governed Society with Prosperous and Happy people.

Our Mission

KMDF exists to achieve a social mission of empowering the urban poor to realize inclusive economic and social development. 

Strategic Objectives

  1. To support Poverty Reduction programmes and projects focusing on breaking the cycle of poverty for people living in Kabale Municipality. Working with communities in all the 74 villages in Kabale Municipality, we shall create employment opportunities; improve income security and work to end lawlessness among the Youth.
  2. To promote Social Justice and promote the fair distribution of wealth, opportunities and privileges within a society
  3. To promote Good Governance that will ensure that scarce resources of society are utilized effectively in support of the urban poor. Good Governance gives confidence to investors that the money they invest is safe from improper expropriation which is a necessary condition for a society to ensure sustained economic growth. Eradicating poverty will not be possible without high and sustained growth that generates productive jobs and brings benefits across society. KMDF will support efforts  that will grant a voice to the urban poor regarding design and implementation of service programmes as well as, providing opportunities for their participation  in the implementation of such programmes  

KMDF Strategies

KMDF applies commercial strategies to improve social and economic wellbeing of the urban poor.  Whether it's supporting farmer to sell more sustainably produced food; supporting entrepreneurs and farmers to strengthen their sustainable food production businesses; providing income generation opportunities to the urban poor to move out of poverty; providing small loans  to poor farmers to support their agricultural enterprises; supporting the urban poor to access essential services such providing health care or safe drinking water; improving access renewable energy for the urban poor; reducing  climate impact of agriculture and livestock farming; creating jobs for the unemployed youth; advancing  education for the children from urban poor families; supporting the urban poor access justice when their land has been grabbed by the rich and big corporations, the core purpose of KMDF and enterprises it supports remains; Contributing towards inclusive  economic and social development.

KMDF enterprises and those it supports seek to maximize profits while maximizing benefits to society and the environment. Profits from these enterprises are re-invested to fund social and economic programmes rather than funding payouts to shareholders.

KMDF enterprises and those it’s supports aims at achieving social and business goals. We implement and support business enterprises to further a social purpose in a financially sustainable way. Income earned from the enterprises we implement and support is re-invested to achieve our mission. The models of these enterprises can be expanded, replicated or scaled to other communities to generate more impact. KMDF enterprises and those it supports have special considerations. Employees of such enterprises come from many backgrounds but priority is given to those who are from at-risk sections of the Community like long term unemployed workers who have historically worked in jobs where they were informally paid and members of marginalized groups

Thus KMDF supports entrepreneurs who develop solutions to social, economic and environmental problems using existing business techniques and strategies. These entrepreneurs  seek innovative ways  and operate enterprises to drive social, economic and environmental change

Sources of Funding

KMDF funding for its Programmes, Projects, Initiatives and enterprises is obtained primarily by selling goods and services to consumers although some funding is obtained through grants, donations and sponsorships.

KMDF programmes, Projects, initiatives and enterprises emphasize the following outcomes

1) Income generation

2) Ecological impact

3) Job creation

4) Broader Social and Economic Change

Governance Structure: 

The Governing Board: KMDF Governing Board is the overall governance organ of KMDF. The two founders of KMDF Ms. Mable Tumuheise and Ms. Phionah Kasule constitute the Governing Board.

Members Assembly:  KMDF is a Membership based Company. Membership to KMDF is open to individuals and entrepreneurs aged 18 years and above as well as organizations, institutions, social and businesses enterprises (both small and medium), corporations and companies that share KMDF mission.  KMDF Members Assembly is the supreme organ of KMDF whose Decisions override those of lower organs.  KMDF members meet once a year during the Members General Assembly. The Members Assembly reviews and adopts KMDF Operational Reports that are presented by the Board of Directors during the Members Assembly.

Board of Directors:  KMDF Members Assembly appoints the Board of Directors. Currently KMDF Board has 10 members. KMDF Board of Directors appoints the Director of KMDF and scrutinizes the operational and auditors’ reports and submits them to the Members Assembly for approval during the general assembly. The Board of Directors meets twice a year.  The Board of Directors reports to the Governing Board.

KMDF Advisory Board: The KMDF Advisory Board is composed of 9 members who are experts and with experience in Social and Economic Development. The Advisory Board meets four times a year and on ad-hoc basis. The Advisory Board has three sub-committees including Planning, Finance and Development. Each of these sub-committees has three members.

Secretariat: KMDF has a Secretariat headed by the Executive Director and dismissed by the Board of Directors. The Executive Director is supported by the Operations and Team Managers. The Director of Marketing, Director of Programmes and Director of Finance and Administration reports directly to the Operations and Team Managers.

Planning and Development Committees: KMDF has Planning and Development Committees at the Village, Parish, Division and Municipality Level.  Each Committee is comprised of 9 members. The Municipality Planning and Development Committee works closely with KMDF Secretariat in planning and implementation of KMDF Programmes


Our Address

Kabale Municipality Development Foundation
Association House
Plot 6 Bwankosya Road, Kabale (Uganda)
P.O Box, 264, Kabale.
Tel: +256-773-444-665
Fax: +25648623201

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Our support Hotline is available 24 Hours a day

Monday-Friday: 8am to 5pm

Saturday: 8am to 12pm

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