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Poverty Reduction Program

KMDF 5-year Poverty Reduction Strategy 2016-2021 will focus on breaking the cycle of poverty for people in Kabale Municipality. Working with communities in all the 74 villages in Kabale Municipality, KMDF will create employment opportunities; improve income security and work to end lawlessness among the Youth. To achieve this, KMDF will implement the following activities


1-Increasing Public attention/Awareness on Poverty

  1. Increase public attention on poverty and effects and causes of poverty;
  2. Conduct public campaigns to ensure governments address the issue of poverty.
  3. Focus on developing and updating information on the extent and effects of poverty in Kabale Municipality.
  4. Conduct research through annual surveys to generate useful information on poverty reduction in Kabale Municipality.
  5. Publish annual reports to bring exposure to critical issues on poverty, including the impacts of poverty on people's lives.

2-Poverty reduction through small enterprises

Working with Village, Parish, Division and Constituency Independent Planning and Development Committees, KMDF will work on a strategy for small enterprise development (SED) about what is needed to support the creation and expansion of enterprises. KMDF efforts will be geared towards supporting the following initiatives:

Establishing and Supporting a Revolving Fund.

Lack of access to credit increases the vulnerability of the urban poor by constraining their ability to improve their homes, their work, and to start new businesses. The poor do not have property to use as collateral and often lack regular incomes. Banks do not perceive the poor as worthwhile clients. The Revolving Fund will support individual citizens in Kabale Municipality to access credit Facilities that will enable them to start income generating activities. The Revolving Fund will be governed by a Board appointed from various development partners, especially community representatives elected by community themselves. KMDF will lobby for funds from development Partners to ensure that the fund has enough money to provide credit facilities to the people in Kabale Municipality

Establishing and Supporting a Development Fund.

Due to the high levels of poverty, rapid urban growth and low level of community organization, exacerbated by an absence of government support for the poor, I will establish and support a Development Fund to provide support to a growing number of community-based savings groups. The Fund will provide loans and grants for land acquisition, upgrading, house building, income generation and food production, but also the fund will give community savings groups the chance to improve their knowledge, their confidence and their capacity. The Fund will most critically, support Community-Based Savings Groups to develop better relations with government agencies and Development Partners. The Fund will allow communities to decide and design various development activities by themselves, on a large scale, and later to link together into networks of learning and sharing of knowledge as well as working together with local development agencies

KMDF will work to promote participation for empowerment of youth, women and men. KMDF will support the establishment of Community networks and building up local partnerships to broaden community development activities that will lead to new development directions improve human skills and create skilled jobs for youth, and through inter-sectoral linkages, establish the foundation for both agriculture and services to expand. All these factors will contribute to sustained productivity improvements that can ensure pro-poor outcomes and contribute to increased living standards in Kabale Municipality.

Youth Fund

Kabale Municipality has many Youth with great ideas on how they can engage in initiatives for development. However, Youth Lack the means of reaching their goals. The Fund will support such youth with financial and technical assistance. The Youth Fund is intended to promote Empowerment of Youth through promoting participation and Development of small and medium enterprises. Working in close collaboration with anumber of Development partners, KMDF will work to improve the entrepreneurship skills of young rural, low-income youth, and support Development of small and medium enterprises. Other activities that will be supported by the Fund will include media Campaigns through Radio programs and spots, entrepreneurship and ICT training, formation of youth groups with business Ideas, capacity building, Youth Football league, Youth Group Registration and Business Mentorship as well as linking and recommending youth to Banks, Microfinance institutions and SACCOs to enable them access credit facilities.


3-Fostering the development of the private sector for the reduction of poverty

The Government of Uganda has a strong interest and a key role in regulating and facilitating the development of the private sector. At the same time, the government plays a key role in ensuring that economic growth provides opportunities for the poor to engage in productive activities. In this context, the public sector must promote a policy and institutional environment that enables the private sector to flourish and become an effective driver of sustainable and inclusive growth. In order to increase the impact of the development of the private sector on the reduction of poverty,

  1. KMDF will support the efforts of government to improve the business environment and lay the policy and institutional foundations for the development of a vibrant private sector. This will promote entrepreneurship and in particular development of the entrepreneurial skills of disadvantaged groups.
  2. KMDF will link local enterprises to national and international investment and technology flows, facilitate access to resources and support services that small and medium enterprises (SMEs) require to become more competitive.
  3. KMDF will encourage and promote Innovation, entrepreneurship and competition which will be important sources of productivity growth that, with appropriate policy and incentive structures, can bring about pro-poor market outcomes in the form of more sustainable jobs and incomes as well as affordable goods and services.

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