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Youth Empowerment through Sports Program

The Youth Empowerment through Sports (YES) is a Programme of KMDF. The overall goal of the Programme is to empower Youth to participate in sports opportunities that foster physical development and personal skills of leadership, self-confidence and life skills.

YES uses the best values of sports as vehicles for leadership development; empowerment; bridging gender inequalities; improving education success; enhancing economic opportunities; and social inclusion of marginalized groups including girls and youth. These values include team work, respect, decision making, planning, volunteering, integrity, self-esteem, conflict resolution, and communication as vital life skills.

YES programme benefits Youth and focus on Disadvantaged Urban Communities of Kabale Municipality where social, economic and cultural problems are on the increase and particularly Youth having little chances to participate. The Disadvantaged Urban Communities include Karubanda, Mwanjari, Kirigime, Butobere, Kijuguta, Bugongi, Rutooma, Rushaki and Nyabikoni. In these communities there are many social issues affecting the Youth like Drug abuse, High rates of School Drop outs despite of governments policies of Universal and secondary education, Alcohol abuse, Gender discrimination with girls having limited opportunities at all levels as compared to boys, High poverty levels, Bad sexual behaviours putting young girls and boys at a risk of contracting HIV/AIDs, Violence in families as well as conflict over resources most especially land conflicts

The programme is targeting both girls and boys, in and out of school. The majority of the Youth  benefiting under the programme come from poor households whose incomes are less than $2 per day for a family of four to six people. The programme is working with Youth who study in overcrowded schools with low education standards. Many of the Youth come from single-parent or broken families. The programme targets Youth whose parents are day-to-day menial workers who do not have the time or the means to follow up on their children’s education or truancy. 

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